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BULK SMS in Bangladesh

Cost Effective Bulk SMS solution in Bangladesh

Bulk sms is useful when you want to send thousands of SMS to your huge contact list. Usually the purpose here is to introduce your product / Brand / Company or a discount or offer to massive amount of people in the shortest and easiest way. Bulk SMS is more meaningful when you want to broadcast to lots of people with different level of educational quality or age. As almost all of the people nowadays have a mobile phone and use sms, it’s a cost effective way to market your message to these broad category of audiences. As long as they read messages on their mobile phone you can be sure that your effort is successful.

To use our Bulk SMS service, you need to have a contact list to whom you want to send the sms to. If it’s a long list of mobile number, you can upload an excel file or text file and we will import and setup the contact list.

Once you have imported the entire contact list, you can start sending sms right away. Compose a SMS and chose the contact list and hit SEND. Within a few minutes, your sms will be on the recipients’ mobile phone.

SMS4BD always provides you with the right tool to accomplish your task in an easy way. Sending BULK SMS with us is never a hassle.

Supported Operators
We support GrameenPhone, Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, Citycell and Teletalk

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